If you think it is just about the money, well, that is the problem –  it is not just a about the money.  After working several years with real estate investors, I am convinced that the dissatisfaction experienced by them is not just about money.10 picture

Let’s go back to school and your training.  Can you remember that far back?  Whichever real estate training you attended, you probably had some great teachers who helped you become the fine real estate investor you are.  These training excel at teaching the science of real estate investing; they’ll teach you everything you need to know about research and acquisition, rehab management and bookkeeping.  But what they don’t teach is the consummate skill set needed to be a successful real estate investor, and they certainly don’t teach what it takes to build a successful real estate investment enterprise.

Obviously, something is seriously wrong.  The education that you received doesn’t go far enough, deep enough, broad enough.  They don’t teach you how to relate to the enterprise of real estate investment or the business of real estate investment; they only teach you how to relate to the practice of real estate investing.  In other words, they merely teach you how to be an effective rather than a successful real estate investor.  That’s why most real estate investors are effective, but few are successful.

Although a successful real estate investor must be effective, an effective real estate investor does not have to be – and in most cases isn’t – successful.

An effective real estate investor is capable of executing his or her duties with as much certainty and professionalism as possible.

A successful real estate investor, on the other hand, works balanced hours, has little stress, leads rich and rewarding relationships with friend and family, and has an economic life that is diverse, fulfilling, and shows a continuous return on investment.

A successful real estate investor finds time and ways to give back to the community but at little cost to his or her sense of ease.  It is a leader, not simply someone who teaches novices real estate investing, but a sage; a rich person (in the broadest sense of the word); a strong, father, mother, wife or husband, a friend, teacher, mentor, and spiritually grounded human being; and a person who can see clearly into all aspects of what it means to lead a fulfilling life.

So let’s go back to the original question.  Why did you become a real estate investor?  Were you striving to just be an effective one, or did you dream about real and resounding success?.

I don’t know how you’ve answered that question in the past,  but I am confident that once you understand the strategic thinking, you will answer it differently in the future.

You need to go beyond the mere technical aspects of your daily job as a real estate investor and begin instead to think strategically about your real estate investment company as both a business and an enterprise.

The real estate investor, overcome by an entrepreneurial seizure, has started his or her own company, become his or her own boss, and now works for a lunatic!!!

The results: the real estate investor is running out of time, patience, and ultimately money.  Not to mention paying the worst price anyone can pay for the inability to understand what a true company is, what a true business is, and what a true enterprise is – the price of his or her life.

It isn’t just the future of your real estate investment company that hangs in the balance.  It’s the future of your life.

Only by conducting your business in a truly innovative and independent way will you ever realize the unmatched joy that comes from creating a truly independent business, a business that works without you rather than because of you.

It is only by learning the difference between the work of a business and the business of work that real estate investors will be freed from the predictable and often overwhelming tyranny of the unprofitable, unproductive routine that consumes them on a daily basis.

What will make the ultimate difference between the success or failure of your real estate investment company is first and foremost how you think about your business, as opposed to how hard you work in it.

So, let’s think it through together.  Let’s think about those things – work, clients, money, time – that dominate the world of real estate investors everywhere.

Let’s talk about planning.  About growth.  About management.  About getting a life!!!

Let’s think about improving your and your family’s life through the development of an extraordinary company.  About getting the life you’ve always dreamed of but never though you could actually have.

Envision the future you want, and the future is yours.



Lorena Arnold
Speaker, Motivator, Realtor
Cell:  303-981-6539
Empowering Strategic Investment


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