Turn a Stinky House into a Stunning Home

Ugly Home outisde

Turn a Stinky House into a Stunning Home By Lorena Tankersley June 14, 2012 The other day, I was inspecting a property I’m thinking of buying from another investor and I was startled by how differently we viewed the property. I thought it was almost a walk-in-and-do-nothing house, and she felt it had almost $10K worth of repairs to make it tolerable or attractive to any woman. Then my potential partner went to look at it, and he too thought it had very little work to do. I guess women really see things differently. I saw ugly four-by-four inch white porcelain titles on the kitchen counter with moldy grout lines and funky dents all over the master bath vanity. Any woman I know would despise it. And who buys houses? We do! Your advantage in the “Stinky House” business is … Read More