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Every day is filled with defining moments. From the moment we wake up, we define ourselves when we decide to get up and exercise or sleep and extra half hour.  We define ourselves when we call in sick even though we could go to work.  We define ourselves when we watch T.V. instead of reading a book on business or investing.  And we define ourselves when we turn our money over to a salesperson to invest for us instead of learning to invest for ourselves.

Do you think real estate is a good investment?  It depends.  Whether something is a good investment has everything to do with how committed you are to be good at what you do.  Real estate is not good or bad.  People are good or bad – Investing is not risky; people are risky.

Ninety percent of the investing public wants to be given the magic formula: The answers that will make them rich.  There are three problems with this.  First.- Each person needs to find the magic formula that fits him or her best.  The second.-  People who look for magic formulas often fall prey to people who sell magic formulas.  Third.-  Most people cannot follow a formula for long, which is why, for example, there are so many different diets being sold, generally to the same people.

If you choose to be one of the many people who are not committed to being part of the 10 percent, then you know what advice to follow:  “Save money, get out of debt, invest for the long term and diversify.”

If you are committed to being one of the 10 percent of people who earn 90 percent of the money, then it takes focus and commitments – Your focus and YOUR commitment!

You will need to find your own magic formula.





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