Fundamentally, good real estate investing depends largely on communication.  While there are styles of investing suited to people who are too shy to communicate,  I urge you to develop a willingness to be in communication with your sellers and buyers. Because you, as a woman, have better language and lrn_7545lorena-profile-shootcommunication skills than men (at least according to most of the experts in gender differences).  Even if you are not outgoing and talkative, there are other people like yourself who would be relieved to negotiate with someone sympathetic.

In order to understand how to be the most effective, you might examine the parts of communication.

It starts with the intention to communicate.  This resides within your own spirit.  If you have no intention to communicate, you simply won’t.  I’ve seen people who’ve spent time and energy to learn the tools of the trade, but their unwillingness to communicate causes them to fail.

Then you get someone’s attention.  Part of the challenge for beginning real estate investors is to learn how to find someone to communicate with.  If you follow the steps of proper communication, you’ll find so many people with problems, you’ll wonder why you never saw them before.  There are more people with problems who need our help than there are investors to help them.  Many will end up with bad bankruptcies and crippling foreclosures.  They are looking for you.  When you find them, you now have their attention.  Now the communication can begin.communication

Intention and attention – those are the two vital elements before communication can commence.

Intend it now.

Resolve to communicate with someone today.

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