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True real estate investing is not just about the how-to of making money;  it is more about the why.    While the process is a simple one, it’s not easy.

It is all about defining moments, the point in a person’s life when he or she makes a life-changing decision. We all have such moments. We become heroes or cowards; we become truth-tellers or liars.  We go forward or we go backwards.



Most of us have heard about the Triple Ds:

Desire    Drive     Discipline

We all know people who have desire – for example a desire to be rich, but they lack either the drive or the discipline or both.

Most of us have heard about the Triple As:

Ambition     Ability     Attitude

We all know people who have ambition, but they never develop their abilities – often because they have a bad attitude.

Most of us have heard about the Triple Es:

Education     Experience    Execution

We all know people who have great educations but lack real world experience.  When they lack real-world experience, they often are unable to execute –  perform, get things done in a timely manner, produce results – in the real world.

And most of us have heard the Four Hs:

Honor    Humility    Humor    Happiness

We all know people who are successful, but attained success without honor.  And we all know people who are successful, but lack humility.  We also know people who do not have a sense of humor – they have lost their ability to laugh at themselves.  And we all know people who are successful, but not happy.

As you review the lives of entrepreneurial people or successful investors how many of the traits expressed the Three Ds, Triple As, Triple Es and Four Hs they touch on.  These defining moments made them the successful person they are today and keep them going.  And you will notice that the moments and experiences that have defined their lives revolve around why….as opposed to the How to….

Think about your life.  What have been your defining moments?  Have they helped you be successful?  Have they held you back?  Be honest with yourself.  With honesty comes clarity, and with clarity comes the opportunity to change.  You may start to see your life more clearly and have another defining moment,  the moment you take control over your own life!!!




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