Are you trying to figure out how to start with real estate investing?

Would you like to start investing in Real Estate but you are confused and overwhelmed with all the information out there?

handstogetherThis is the perfect time to start with real estate no matter what strategy you use. There are so many options these days!! You just need to follow someone who is making money with it and then take your own Action.

So…do you know exactly what to do?

What is one on one coaching?

One on one coaching sessions are for the serious Investor. These sessions are custom tailored to rise up and meet creative, risk taking, go getter real estate investor that want to see massive results. We focus on what you need. Whether you are just starting out and we need to give your vision, mission and get inspired action, or you have been a successful investor for awhile and you need that push to take things to the next level.

What One on One Coaching will do for you and your life

  • It will help you gain clarity on your own personal mission, vision and goals.
  • Identify your personal motivators and fears
  • Uncover your “why” and how they affect your work and life
  • Address your “yeah, but” that has been holding you back
  • Gain a seasonal partner to kick your butt and guide you to the victory you are looking for
  • Audit your business, your website, your marketing, your sales, your systems to make sure you are using the right tools for the right results
  • I will literally hold your hand and walk you through the process to Find, Fund, Fix properties to create the income you want. What would that feel like for you?
  • Build out your business so you are balance Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially and Professionally


Being a “serious” investor can mean anything or it could mean nothing, right? Let me tell you what it means to me and what it means to the clients I take on and coach.

It means:

  • You are ready to buckle down
  • You are ready to push past your fears, lack of knowledge, lack of confidence
  • You are ready to learn some new stuff, new skills, new insights, a new way of looking and thinking about your business and Real Estate.
  • You are tired of struggling
  • You know you want to do it but you are stuck and need help

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Everyone has a coach….even coaches have coaches. If you are ready to give yourself some wings then you are ready for some inspired action.

How we work together?

  • One on one coaching is a 12 month commitment
  • Our sessions can be either conducted over Skype or telephone
  • All session are recorded and delivered to you within 24 hours via shared dropbox
  • We will meet twice a month for 60 minutes each session
  • You will have 24/7 access to me while I am your coach through email
  • You are allotted 4 “OMG” emergency calls throughout the year
  • In between session, you will receive a “check in” email with a few notes to help you keep you on track and to keep your goals at top of mind
  • We will set goals, challenges and I will assign homework. All, unless otherwise specified, should be completed prior to our next live session and when appropriate should be emailed to me 24 hrs prior for my review.
  • I will provide you with resources, tools and referrals that I believe will help move you along the path of success


I accept less than 20 clients each year and before taking on any client I need to make sure we are match for one another. Fill in an application for a Strategy Session, I would be honored to set aside some time to meet with you and help you uncover the life and business you want and deserve. Once we are schedule, I will send over an application. Filling out this application will give me a better understanding about your current business, current challenges and blocks and the direction and time line in which you wish to grow.

One on One coaching is designed and dedicated to cultivating your Desire, finding Courage, overcoming Confusion, and building Confidence to realize your Financial Dreams. Coaching retainers are not refundable. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction and results.

Fill in an application for a Strategy Session!!!


I take the guesswork and the risk out of this decision because I’M POSITIVE THAT YOU WILL GET AWESOME VALUE and new ideas and so much more!!!

Are you ready to learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do to get yourself financially set for life?

There are only two conditions: This is only for women who really want to learn; this is not to hang-out with friends. The desire to learn, and more importantly, to take action has to come from within you. And the second condition is to realize that that there is no magic formula. I do not have the secret pill that promises you instantly will become a successful investor. Investing is a process and you will need to do your homework to become a savvy investor.

Don’t wait to do this, do it now!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business right now, you can be:

Just starting out,
In business for years, or
Wanting to see what is possible.

What matters is that you start TAKING ACTION toward what you really want!


My vision is to bring what I have learn TO YOU, the woman (or man) real estate investor who wants it all – the perfect lifestyle with friends, family, traveling and giving back PLUS 6+ figure business (or more!) that practically runs itself!!

More About Lorena Arnold, the Founder:

lorena-arnoldI am happy to help; my purpose is help you take inspired action, motivate you and educate you on ways to Empower your Strategic Investments Today!!!

Lorena Arnold
Speaker, Motivator, Investor
Cell: 303-981-6539
Empowering Strategic Investment

P.S. I hope to connect with you soon, please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions, concerns or aren’t sure where to begin all this information.