Why Did I Ever Become a Real Estate Investor in The First Place?

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If you think it is just about the money, well, that is the problem –  it is not just a about the money.  After working several years with real estate investors, I am convinced that the dissatisfaction experienced by them is not just about money. Let’s go back to school and your training.  Can you remember that far back?  Whichever real estate training you attended, you probably had some great teachers who helped you become the fine real estate investor you are.  These training excel at teaching the science of real estate investing; they’ll teach you everything you need to know about research and acquisition, rehab management and bookkeeping.  But what they don’t teach is the consummate skill set needed to be a successful real estate investor, and they certainly don’t teach what it takes to build a successful real … Read More

Co-wholesaling – Partnering with others


What is Co-Wholesaling? A good number of you have written in with questions about one of the hottest investment trends going on right now,  Co-wholesaling. So today, I am going to teach you exactly what co-wholesaling is and how to do it by answering some of these great questions Let’s get to it… You’ve Got Questions, and I’ve Got the Answers…… I am a newbie to investing…I keep hearing the term “co-wholesaling” and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it means. Everyone seems to have a different definition for it.  Can you answer what co-wholesaling is for dummies? (LM) You’re correct in that this term is becoming more and more popular today. Basically, co-wholesaling is working with another investor to do a joint-venture wholesale deal. There is two different ways you can do this: Way #1: Go through other … Read More

5 Secrets to Jump Start your Cash Flow – Secret 1

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Whether you have been investing for years or are just starting your journey out of the Rat Race, every investor needs direction and motivation.  There are 5 key secrets that will help every investor get better leverage and invest wisely.  These key secrets have been understood and followed for years by the rich, from the active day trader to budding entrepreneur to the seasoned real estate investor. Seek to understand how each secret applies in your investing career and do not be quick to dismiss one as under or over your head.  The most important aspect of each secret is that you are accountable to actually putting them into practice. These secrets are tried and true.  Learn to apply them and you will accomplish more than you would have otherwise. Secret # 1 – Know your Game plan and Outcome … Read More

10 Things that Make a Woman Successful


Hint: It’s not money This just in: women who spend hours getting dolled up make more money. This comes from researchers from University of Chicago and University of California Irvine. A study of more than 14,000 people revealed “practices such as applying makeup and styling hair and clothing—was actually what accounted for nearly all of the salary difference for women of varying attractiveness.” Couple this with the fact that employers in the UK can still force women to wear high-heels to work , and it’s enough for a woman to wonder if she’ll ever be rewarded for things that really count in the workplace, like results. Of course, I’m still waiting for the study that shows if those who make more money by covering themselves in thousands of dollars in makeup, hair goop, and designer clothes are actually richer than … Read More