The most successful real estate investors and wholesalers have one key thing in common: they are also expert marketers.  To thrive as a wholesaler, you have to find the best deals.  And to find the best deals, you need to know how to market effectively.  Without effective marketing, you won’t generate any leads. Ad without any leads, you have no business.08 16 marketing presence

Effective marketers know how to do three things:

  1. Understand that every business needs to have a marketing presence.
  2. Know how to target people who are motivated to sell.
  3. Know how to get those people to respond to their marketing campaigns.

Learn to establish a marketing presence and credibility for your business so you can jumpstart your wholesaling business.

There are nine essential marketing tools every real estate wholesaler must have when opening up shop to establish identity and credibility for your business and be the foundation on which you build your Brand.  Here is a closer look at the items in your marketing arsenal.

  1. Business cards – This is the first step to have a professional-looking business card. A Business card in an inexpensive and essential tool that all real estate inventors must have.  Business cards will let people know you are in business, and can highlight the services you provide as an investor.  I highly recommend put your picture. Studies have shown that people are more likely to hold onto a business card that has a photo on it.
  2. Seller credibility packet – When you meet with a seller, it is essential to build trust and rapport because sellers don’t know you, nor do they know much about your business. I consider this a brochure of your business.  What your business is about and the services that you offer that differentiate you from other investors and real estate professionals.  Sellers can llok at after you meet with them and remember you.
  3. Buyer credibility packet – On the flipside, you will also meet with a lot of other investor buyers. This is why it is also essential to have a buyer credibility packet.  Like a seller credibility packet, it should include your essential contact information, core services, additional services, business/personal information, and testimonials.  The difference is that everything – especially your services – should be geared toward buyers instead of sellers.
  4. Private money credibility packet – Raising money for your deals is an essential part of the business and this is why you must have a third packet of information. This credibility packet is geared toward private lenders who may be interested in funding your real estate deals.  A private money credibility packet is something you will give or e-mail to potential lenders when they have expressed interest in private lending.
  5. Core Website – All successful wholesalers must have a dominant online presence. In fact, the majority of all sellers and buyers who are looking to sell or buy a property start the process by searching for solutions on the Internet.  You need to have a core website for your business that is professional and something you can use to establish credibility, generate leads, and sell/rent your properties.
  6. Facebook Page for your business – A Facebook page has many potential benefits for your business. While some of these benefits are similar to having a website, like being able to share basic information about your business, a number are unique to Facebook.  Facebook can raise brand awareness with a seller, buyer, or real estate agent checking your out online since once people like your page, they will receive updates on their wall where their friends will also see them.  The community you build on your Facebook page is an excellent way to build awareness for your business.  Right now, Facebook is where investors in your area spend a lot of time interacting with others, so you must have a presence there.
  7. Easy-to-remember phone number – If you want to really enhance your marketing response rates, get an easy to remember phone number, like cab companies do, that you can use in all your marketing campaigns. Your outdoor marketing response rates will be dramatically better when you have a phone number with repeating digits.
  8. Memorable Business name – You need a memorable company name and an equally memorable web URL that corresponds to your company name and conveys what your business does. For example, a name like “William Capital Partners” doesn’t convey what the business does, However, “Atlanta Property Buyers” would be more strategic, depending on the niche of the business you pursue.  The bottom line is your business name should be strategically chosen and mean something to a potential customer who is hearing it for the first time.
  9. Logo and Business color schemes – Having a memorable logo and consistent color schemes will help boost your response rates. There are number of online services that can create a relatively inexpensive logo.  Your logo colors should ideally match the look and style of the colors you use in all your marketing materials.  The important point is to be consistent with the colors you choose.

Your Marketing foundation establishes credibility for your business.  That foundation compels other people to take your seriously – especially when you are new to wholesaling real estate.  As your marketing presence continues to grow, it will also generate referral leads from other real estate professionals.




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