5 Secrets to Jump Start your Cash Flow

Whether you have been investing for years or are just starting your journey out of the Rat Race, every investor needs direction and motivation.  There are 5 key secrets that will help every investor get better leverage and invest wisely.  These key secrets have been understood and followed for years by the rich, from the active day trader to budding entrepreneur to the seasoned real estate investor.

Seek to understand how each secret applies in your investing career and do not be quick to dismiss one as under or over your head.  The most important aspect of each secret is th
at you are accountable to actually putting them into practice.

These secrets are tried and true.  Learn to apply them and you will accomplish more than you would have otherwise.

Secret # 1 – Know your Game plan and Outcome06 agile

Secret # 2 – Be Agile

Once you begin executing your plan in the real world, you will almost immediately find you will need to make adjustments. This is not a shortcoming or indictment of your plans, but evidence as to how quickly things change. You need to be able to change just as fast if not faster.

Agility is another secret to jump starting your cash flow.

You need to be agile in your investing by being quick when responding to changes and opportunities and well-coordinated in how you implement your response. Be quick to the punch without being coordinated among your portfolio, your team, and your resources and you will find yourself pulling the trigger on something that may appear to be a good investment; but does not contribute to the bigger picture or worse, a bad investment not exposed for what it truly was. If you spend too much time coordinating information from team members, resources, and research, you may miss an opportunity to another investor. This may require that you not limit yourself to just the knowledge and experience that you already possess.

Agility marries speed and resources into a skill to seize the right opportunities at the right time.

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