Whether you have been investing for years or are just starting your journey out of the Rat Race, every
investor needs direction and motivation.  There are 5 key secrets that will help every investor get better leverage and invest wisely.  These key secrets have been understood and followed for years by the rich, from the active day trader to budding entrepreneur to the seasoned real estate investor.

Seek to understand how each secret applies in your investing career and do not be quick to dismiss one as under or over your head.  The most important aspect of each secret is that you are accountable to actually putting them into practice.

These secrets are tried and true.  Learn to apply them and you will accomplish more than you would have otherwise.

Secret # 1 – Know your Game plan and Outcome

Secret # 2 – Be Agile

Secret # 3 – Work “ON” your investing business, not “IN” it.

Secret # 4 – Be Aware of Blind Spots07 08 blind spot 2

Being aware of a habit that holds you back is tricky. After all, if you knew there was a better way, you would change or at least attempt to change, right? The problem is that most of us are not interested in knowing what we are doing wrong. And if we have been able to experience even the smallest degree of success, we are even less likely to believe something is wrong.

By seeking feedback from others, you can expose blind spots and make changes that you did not even know you needed to make.

Discuss your successes and failures with friends, fellow investors, mentors, and coaches and then carefully listen to their feedback. Often, their words will provide insight that will help you identify and eliminate bad habits or biases that have been holding you back. Talking with those who are where you want to be will help you identify what you need to let go of to make it to the next level. Think of it as the PGA golfer with a hitch in his swing. By working with a coach to breakdown and pinpoint the smallest part of his swing, he can overcome what is holding him back. A minor change or adjustment can yield tremendous results.

What do you need to change to start getting results?

Be sure to put emotions aside when receiving and evaluating feedback. Too often, we dismiss an observation because it hits too close to home. Remember the intent was not to put you down, but to expand your thinking to another approach. That being said, not all feedback is created equal. Take into account the experience level and accomplishments of the one giving you feedback.

How relevant is their advice to your unique situation?
Even if the advice is misguided, is there a bit of wisdom contained in it that can help you become a better investor?

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