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Starting out in real estate can be very difficult for beginners. There are a lot of unknowns and comfort barriers that must be overcome not to mention the time it takes. Here are 10 tips to jump start your real estate investing career.

  1. Learn – Read every book, article and forum you can. Some boot camps, seminars, webinars, etc are very informative but can be costly. Also become active in online forums.
  2. Join REI Clubs and Groups – Join your local REI Club, networking groups and online groups. Network like crazy and make contacts with experienced people who Do.
  3. Find a Mentor – Always always always have a mentor and other experts in the area look over your deals. They will help you avoid mistakes and if you found a home run deal, you will build a lot of credibility.
  4. Pick a strategy to master – Pick one strategy and master it, do not spread yourself too thin on 5-10 different strategies and never put in the effort it takes to find the first great deal using one strategy.
  5. Partner – It is never a bad idea to partner with an expert who has experience. You can avoid costly mistakes and learn a ton which you can utilize in future deals.
  6. Build Systems and a Team – Find quality experts, align your goals, build efficient and effective systems and duplicate over and over.
  7. Slow Down – Greed often gets the best of people and they go too fast and get in over their head. Pace yourself and do not take unnecessary risks.
  8. Build reserves – Always keep some reserves on hand for each deal in case of surprises.
  9. Generate Private Money Investors – Buying with cash and quick has so many advantages, Private investors allow you to be extremely creative and fund great deals that conventional financing will not allow.
  10. Analyze –Critique–Improve – Look at what you know, your strategy, partners, systems, team, financing and reserves. Analyze, critique and come up with solutions to improve every aspect of your business. Continuous Improvement.


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